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  • MICRO BR BR-80 Workshop 01: Getting to Know the BR-80

    Given its size, it’s a little hard to believe that the MICRO BR BR-80 can do all the things it can do. But it’s true: This little box is packed with features that’ll quickly make it one of your most indispensable tools. It’s also a serious pocketful of fun. This Workshop booklet takes you on a tour of the MICRO BR BR-80.

  • MICRO BR BR-80 Workshop 02: Jam

    The MICRO BR BR-80’s jam-along eBand feature is almost too much fun, but that’s not all it is. It’s also a great practice and performing tool. This booklet takes you to the next level with eBand.

  • MICRO BR BR-80 Workshop 03: Record

    Yes, it’s a full-on multitrack recorder. Yes, it’s got eBand. But in LIVE REC mode, the BR-80 is also an incredibly useful handheld stereo recorder you can use for capturing song ideas, performances, and all of the sounds of your life. In this booklet, we explore LIVE REC mode in depth.

  • MICRO BR BR-80 Workshop 04: Share

    Yes, it’s nice to share. Especially when you’ve got an eight-track studio, friends who play and sing, and an internet connection. The MICRO BR BR-80 ships with software that lets you send tracks to your friends and then bring their contributions back into your BR-80 songs. This booklet helps you get things going.

  • MICRO BR BR-80 Workshop 05: Using the BR-80 as an Audio Interface

    As if the BR-80 didn’t already offer enough features packed into its compact case, it also makes a great audio interface for a laptop recording rig. This booklet tells you how to use the BR-80 as the audio interface for your DAW.