RC-505mkII/RC-600 Version 1.10 Update

BOSS is pleased to announce free system updates for the RC-505mkII and RC-600 coming in late March 2022.
Version 1.10 brings additional power to the flagship Loop Stations, including new user-requested features and performance improvements.

Added Features
  • Expanded Effects—Effect algorithms and parameters from legacy RC products have been added to a number of effect types, allowing users to reproduce favorite settings from previous units. This includes changes to Ring Mod, Slow Gear, Transpose, Pitch Bend, Octave, Roll, and other effects.
  • Step Rate—A Step Rate parameter has been added to the Filter, Phaser, Flanger, Isolator, and Auto Pan effects, making it easier to create interesting rhythmic effects.
  • Mic Level Quick Control—In addition to other input and output levels, the microphone level can now be adjusted while performing using a panel knob assignment.
  • Vocoder Enhancement—A Carrier Thru function has been added to the Vocoder effect, allowing users to mute the dry sound for increased clarity.
  • Input Thru—An assignable Input Thru function has been added to quickly mute or unmute the input signal while performing. 
Performance Fixes and Improvements
  • Auto Rec response and function improvements.
  • Fixed a noise issue that could occur when Rec Quantize was turned off.
  • Fixed Sync Setting issues that could cause audio stretching and glitching problems regardless of the setting.
  • Fixed audio record/playback problems that could occur when using rhythm intros.
  • Fixed a problem where control function (CTL FUNC) assignments might not work correctly when the system preference was set to Memory.