ES-8 System Program ( Ver.2.01 )

How to know the version
Before you start, check the system program version of your ES-8.
  1. Hold down [EDIT] button and connect the AC adaptor.
    The power comes on and the version is displayed on the LCD screen.
    If this shows the latest version (version 2.01 or later), there's no need to update your ES-8.
  2. After verifying the displayed version, switch off the power.

Update history
[ Ver.2.01 ] APR 2017
Bug Fix
The following bug was fixed.
  • The problem of MIDI synchronization wavering when the expression pedal is operated was corrected.

[ Ver.2.00 ] MAR 2017
Please refer to the "ES-8 Version 2 Supplementary Manual" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].
Additional Functions
  • "Separate" Added as an Effect Loop Connection Type
  • Link Function Added
  • "Patch MIDI" Added as an Assign Target
  • Added Patch/System Parameters
  • Support for ES-8 Editor Added
Functionality Improvement
  • Loop On/Off Screen (Play Screen) Indications Changed

Important Notes on Updating
ES-8 Ver.2 is not compatible with ES-8 Ver.1 MIDI system exclusive parameters.
For data saved using Bulk Dump, restore this data to the ES-8 before updating, and then carry out the update.

What you will need to update your ES-8
  • ES-8
  • USB-MIDI interface (Roland UM-ONE mk2, etc.)
  • A personal computer which can run the following SMF players ("UpdSMF")
    • UpdSMF ( SMF Player for Windows )
    • UpdSMF ( SMF Player for macOS / OS X )
  • MIDI Cable

Caution when performing the update
  • If you update on the normal mode of ES-8 against the correct procedrue, this update data may destroy the system program.
  • Never power-off your ES-8 while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the ES-8 won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

Getting the update file
Please open/extract the downloaded "" file on your computer to get the update files named "001UPD.mid" and "002APP.mid" in the "es8_sys_v201" folder.

Procedure for the update
  1. Using a MIDI cable, connect the MIDI OUT connector on the USB-MIDI interface to the MIDI IN connector on the ES-8.
  2. Hold down [DISPLAY/EXIT] button and [RIGHT arrow] button on the ES-8, then connect the AC adaptor.
    The message UPd appears on the 7-segment LED display.
  3. On the computer, run UpdSMF.
  4. Set MIDI Out Device to the connected USB-MIDI interface.
  5. Click [ Path ] (click [ Select... ] for Mac) on "UpdSMF" and specify the location where the update file ( 001UPD.mid, 002APP.mid ) is from SMF Path (SMF Folder for Mac). Then, click the [ OK ] button.
  6. Click [ Scan SMF ] (unnecessary for Mac) to check that the update file ( 001UPD.mid, 002APP.mid ) is displayed in the file list.
  7. Click Send.
    Sending of the update program starts.
    When the message ok appears on the display, the update has finished.
  8. Disconnect the AC adaptor and turn off the power.
  9. Please verify the version number "2.00" with the procedure described in "How to tell the version" part of this document.