RC-30: Notes Regarding Using External Footswitches (BOSS FS-5U/BOSS FS-6)

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Up to two additional external footswitches can be used with the RC-30 to control the following functions:
  • Memory up
  • Memory down
  • Effects On/Off
  • Selecting Effects
Compatible footswitches are the BOSS FS-5U and FS-6:
  • http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.php?ProductId=57http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.php?ProductId=686
Use a "stereo insert" cable to connect two FS-5Us, or a "stereo cable" to connect an FS-6.

Note: When using only one footswitch, Track Select and Memory Shift Up are the available functions.